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this community was created for the means of uniting fans of male actors (both silverscreen and smallscreen), directors, and prominent male figureheads of hollywood and the like.

please join, state your who your favorite male celebs are, and perhaps meet others who share a common interest. maybe even pick up a new penchant for a different actor? post your favorite photos of your favorite guys in your favorite movies, tv shows, etc.

please read the following community regulations before joining & posting entries:

1) if you are going to post nude pictures of anyone, please use the lj-cut feature and give fair warning of what's ahead.

2) also use the lj-cut feature if you are to post large images or many images.

3) criticism and opinion are allowed, but no slandering or tactless commentary. honesty and etiquette are essential.

4) please keep the celebrity talk down to actors, directors, or stage thespians, not musical artists, groups, composers and the like. while this community holds great respect for the music scene, we'd like to keep this community true to its original theme and topic of discussion. however, actors who are also musicians may be discussed.

5) please be wary of posting quiz results. if you are to post them, they must be related to male celebrities and within lj-cut tags.

6) i will delete any and all posts that are posted more than once, fall off topic, harass other users, and do not abide by the stated rules. i may possibly ban one from this community also.

update!! - for easier access to previously posted polls, news, magazine issue information, and celebrity birthdays, i have categorized the aforementioned within the community's memories archive below.

if you have a site you think may be related to this community, feel free to send an email to the email address above and i'll be sure to add a link to it in this profile if i feel the site is suitable. :)

some related male celebrity sites:
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    * please note that i cannot fit the names of all known male celebrities in the community's interests. rather, i've diversified the interests list by throwing in a little of everything. so please don't ask me to add any more interests. thanks.
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